Church Pew FAQ

What areas can be served by King Church Furniture?

King Church Furniture has installed custom church furniture as far north as the Canadian border and Maine, down to Miami and over to Texas.  If your congregation is a tad further than those areas, give us a call.  We’ll do our best to serve, no matter where you are in the continental United States.

How long does it take for King Church Furniture to manufacture church pews?

King Church Furniture works to create custom, hand crafted pews and church furniture as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.  Turn around time depends on factors such as the time it takes to select and order fabric, the intricacy of the order, as well as if it’s during a peak busy season.  Keep in mind that pews are not a last minute item when building, expanding, or remodeling your church.

Who orders from King Church Furniture?

King Church Furniture provides quality, custom made furnishings for a variety of religious, public, and private facilities.  Beyond churches and synagogues, King Church Furniture has crafted and installed church pews and custom furniture in funeral homes, court houses, restaurants and community centers.

How much will new pews cost?

Every aspect of our custom made pews are personalized, from the stain color to the fabric to the end and body styles.  Thus said, the cost of new pews will vary.  To get started, download our catalog here and be sure to read our blog post on the pricing of upholstered pews versus finished pews.

In what ways can pews be customized?

The type of wood, stain color, fabric, pew ends, length, depth, height, bookracks, kneelers, foldable trays, and arm-rests are some of the ways for customizing your pews from King Church Furniture.

Is there a minimum order?

Absolutely not!  No order is too big or too small for King Church Furniture.

Do you sell used church pews?

King Church Furniture only sells new, custom made, handcrafted church pews and furniture, but we’re happy to connect you to resources for used pews through our used pew page.

How is new church furniture installed?

King Church Furniture handles installation and the amount of time it takes depends on your furniture order.  The standard time for pews is 10 – 12 hours per 400 feet; balconies and pews with accessories take slightly longer.  For a more exact estimate, use this form to provide us with more information.

Does King Church Furniture make pew accessories, such as kneelers, pencil and card holders, and bookracks or do we need to order them from somewhere else?

Yes, we make standard accessories like kneelers, pencil and card holders, and bookracks, as well as custom accessories.  Let us know how you want to use your pews and we’ll work with you to create the perfect solution.