What we are working on

We thought we’d show everyone around our church furniture shop in Dothan, Alabama. Below are some photos of the things we are working on at the moment.

unfinished communion table

A communion table. Still unfinished, all it requires is a good coat of varnish.

communion rail

A communion rail in the final stages of work.

Cup Blocks for Church Pews

Cup blocks, which will be placed in the middle of songbook racks on the backs of some new church pews we are building.

Prayer Alter

A prayer alter, complete and ready for installation

Church Pew Ends

Church pew ends, on the spray rack.

Solving the World's Problems

Besides building church furniture, Aaron and Brandon are also quite adept at solving society's problems.

Custom Alter Table

A custom alter table, still being sanded and smoothed.

Reading Stand

A reading stand in the foreground, with other items behind it. All are awaiting a coat of varnish.